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May 10, 2019: In Stores This Month, The Fantasy Trip: Melee And Wizard

[Image]Last month, the big Legacy Edition game was released in stores across the world. The giant box includes the In the Labyrinth rulebook, Death Test adventures, many, many game accessories, as well as the Melee and Wizard small-box games. If you picked up a copy of the Legacy Edition – either by supporting the Kickstarter campaign last summer or at your favorite local game store this month – you've already got the new editions of Melee and Wizard, so you know just how much fun each small box brings to the table. If you missed out on the Legacy Edition but you still want to play The Fantasy Trip with your group, the upcoming solo release of the Melee and Wizard box sets is what you're waiting for!

Each box, priced at $14.95, presents a complete tactical dungeon-crawl experience that can either be used for skirmish games or as the foundation for roleplaying adventures. Better still, the Melee and Wizard games can be played separately or combined, so either small box – or both, if you wish! – is enough to get you started with this classic roleplaying game that has been out-of-print for over three decades.

And once you've got your hands on the new editions of Melee and Wizard, don't miss out on the Decks of Destiny project that is now funding on Kickstarter. This new box brings more cards and game accessories to the table, expanding your options and giving GMs even more tools for preparing and running adventures for The Fantasy Trip. Learn more about Decks of Destiny today!

-- Phil Reed

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