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May 19, 2019: Goodman Games' The Cthulhu Alphabet


Goodman Games produces fun books. Period. The work that goes into their various RPG supplements leads to some of the most enjoyable titles you can find, and I'd rank their books The Dungeon Alphabet and The Monster Alphabet as two of the best roleplaying game works of the last decade. A simple concept, yes, but the execution gives us books that cover different fantasy roleplaying-game concepts in small, bite-sized chunks that can be picked up and used by a game master with little planning. 

What does Goodman Games pack inside the two alphabet books? A few examples:

  • A Dozen Unusual Adventuring Bands
  • Six Ways to Use Echoes
  • Thirty Results for a Pulled Lever
  • A Score of Puzzling Potions
  • Twelve Unusual Armor Types
  • Ten Twisted Dragon Templates
  • Twelve Uncanny Ongoing Afflictions or Conditions

There are so many inspirational bits packed into the two books that I frequently turn to them when I'm trying to work through a new idea. It is the value in those books that made me instantly support the latest work – The Cthulhu Alphabet – as soon as I saw it on Kickstarter. It is set to ship to backers in October, and I'm looking forward to holding the completed work in my hands . . . and adding it to my growing library of Goodman Games books.

The Cthulhu Alphabet Kickstarter closes on Wednesday. Back the project today!

-- Phil Reed

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