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May 2, 2013: Updated Thingies On e23!

Munchkin Thingies

One of the advantages of living in the digital future is that the virtual ninjas of e23 are able to work behind the scenes, updating products as needed. Most recently, they worked their ninja mojo on Munchkin Thingies, adding the latest Munchkin Classes, Races, Loyalties, Accents, and Mojos -- up through Munchkin Apocalypse.

Those with this handy resource in their e23 libraries should have already been informed that a new version was available. If that group doesn't include you, why not head over to e23 and pick up your own copy of Munchkin Thingies -- all for the low cost of zero dollars? While you're there, check out what other Munchkin freebies we have to download, like the Mask of the Munchkin or the Epic Munchkin rules. Useful and fun, they're a bargain at twice the price!

-- Steven Marsh

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