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May 7, 2013: Your iDevice: Now With More Dinosaur

Dino Hunt Dice is now available as an App! Play solo against a computer-controlled dinosaur opponent who will do his best to heckle you and give you bad advice. Once you've had enough of his antics, or maybe just because you invited some people over, you can set up a multi-player game and pass your phone around with friends. Unlock achievements like Dino Dodger, Veggiesaurus, and Dino Mite! There's even a leaderboard where you can compete for things like highest total Dinos captured. And you're going to love this last part: it's completely free! So head on over to the app store, by which I mean take out your device and tap the screen a few times, and download the Dino Hunt Dice app!

Now that you've gotten that taken care of, here are some of the talented folks who worked on this app, and their contributions to it:

  • Steve Jackson designed the game
  • J. Kira Hamilton worked on code and graphic design
  • Pat Ortega drew the dinosaurs
  • Byron Taylor colored them
  • Sam Mitschke wrote the music
  • Ben Williams (hey that's me!) also did some graphic design
  • Steven Marsh, Robert Hood, Phil Reed, Alex Kosarek, and Steve Jackson all worked on playtesting

Have fun!

-- Ben Williams


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