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May 18, 2013: Celebrate July 4th With Steve And Daniel At Dexcon!

Steve and Daniel are heading to Dexcon for one of the biggest Ogre events of the year. And I mean that quite literally since we're talking about the Ogre Macrotures Event Dexcon is presenting on Friday July 5th. What's an Ogre Macroture? Well, that's our fancy insider way of saying a really big honkin' Ogre mini. The one pictured in that link is a nice respectable 1/60th scale. The ones you'll find at Dexcon will be even bigger: 1/40th scale. The whole thing will be taking up a 50' x 20' arena and it will feature a humongous (over two feet long!) Ogre as the centerpiece. It will be a spectacle you will never forget.

Since you can never have enough Ogre, Daniel and Steve will be there for the entirety of the con answering questions and showing off samples. And be sure to check out the rest of the show too. Dexcon is known for its off-the-wall events, so there's going to be plenty of fun to be had!

-- Ben Williams


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