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May 11, 2005: "Wait . . . Was 2005 BEFORE The Calendar Reset?!"

As we reported last week, there was a Time Traveler Convention on May 7th on the MIT campus. There is now an update online as to what happened.

Sadly, there were no confirmed time travelers attending, although there was a DeLorean.

Why did this convention fail to produce any actual time travelers? Who can say? Perhaps their luggage got lost. Perhaps there was an event of such import and magnitude happening on May 7th, 2005 that, in hindsight, there was somewhere else much better to be on that day. Perhaps the Y3K bug wiped out all records of the event. Perhaps time travel to the past just isn't possible. (Admittedly that last one is pretty farfetched.)

Regardless, the only thing we can do in this era is to make sure our hard drives are filled with material these future time travelers would find interesting, when they uncover these primitive 300-gig storage arrays amid the rubble of Precycled Earth, so they'll have reason to come back and visit. And we happen to know that they'd most especially love the time- and dimension-hopping antics detailed within the GURPS Casey & Andy sourcebook, available only through e23.

And we're not saying that out of any vested financial interest or anything; it's just good advice.
-- Steven Marsh
Editor of Pyramid Magazine

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