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May 17, 2005: GURPS Status

Our GURPS projects have not been moving along quickly for the past few months, but they're moving. Here's a status report on the ones at the front of the pipeline:

The GURPS Character Assistant is actually going quite smoothly. Armin is doing great work, the playtesters are giving feedback, and this should ship in early June.

GURPS Banestorm - I am editing this one myself and going back and forth with the authors about details. We have a very good manuscript that ran into some in-house problems; a number of editing changes were made in error and I've taken personal charge of getting them fixed. We now think you'll see this in August.

GURPS Powers is through playtest, is being edited by Andrew Hackard, and ought to be in your hands in September.

GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars will probably be a September release. It's not inconceivable that it will move up if one of the others gets delayed - the manuscript was excellent even in first draft stage. Wil Upchurch is editing it. And other stuff is coming along, but those are the ones that will happen first.
-- Steve Jackson

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