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May 12, 2014: How An Unexpected Idea Becomes A Secret Project

Super Seekrit!

At the GAMA Trade Show last month, during one of our retailer presentations, a simple question was asked that immediately had my brain turning over. (I would share the question with you, but that would kinda kill the "secret" part of the secret Munchkin project.) After thinking the idea over for an afternoon, and then consulting with our Sales Director, Ross Jepson, I took the rough seed of a project idea to Steve, Andrew, Ross, and Sam and instantly started sketching out ideas.

Over the next few weeks Sam and I traded emails with each other, scribbled out ideas, and then looped in David, our rep at GPI, to discuss how to turn all of our concepts into a solid and physical thing. The three of us shared Sam's refined concept art -- based on a blend of his ideas and my rough sketches -- and talked through the next steps . . . which we are taking as I write this.

Wish us luck! If we press on this there may be a fun and unexpected Munchkin accessory available for the holidays. I know I'm anxious to follow this idea through to the end, and I think many of you will really appreciate what we've created once we move from "secret project" to "it's here!"

-- Phil Reed

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