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May 6, 2014: Back To Nashville


Last year, Andrew and I spent a few days in Nashville for secret meetings. We're not yet ready to share the details, but things went so very well that I'm scheduled to go back to Nashville . . . and this time I'm taking Kali and Miranda along to assist in the closed door talks. Munchkin, Zombie Dice, and Hipster Dice are the primary focus of the meetings, but there will also be some time spent reviewing processes which should greatly assist us with selling even more games to the world. And more games means more players, which is very good for all of us.

In addition to the planned meetings I'm also going to make a quick stop at the Southern Hobby offices. I love these opportunities to sit down with distributors and discuss all of the new releases, and since I've never before visited the Southern Hobby offices this trip is especially exciting for me. Hey, sometimes there are lost and forgotten games collecting dust in distributor warehouses, and sometimes I get a chance to grab those gems for myself!

It's okay to use business trips to find cool games, right?

-- Phil Reed

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