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May 17, 2012: Ogre Progress

We are now accepting applications for the job of Ogre Line Editor.

I'm working away. So are a lot of other people! The deadline to get this to the printer is incredibly close.

Some FAQ and answers:

When will Kickstarter supporters get the "What extras do I want?" survey? Real soon now, and we ask that when you get it, you respond as quickly as possible. Many things, most importantly the Kickstarter edition itself, will be printed to order. Of course we'll order some extras of most things, but a stack of 20 extras does you no good if you are the 21st late response. We assume that most of you already know what you want and that this won't be a huge problem. Thanks for your help.

When will we hold the launch party? We have no idea! Stay tuned.

I didn't support the project before the deadline! How can I get the game? From your local game retailer. If your retailer supported us, they may have some unallocated Kickstarter copies. At some point, we will post a list of all retailers who respond to our survey and say they WANT us to list their contact info. (Some retailers will have pre-sold everything they ordered already.) Otherwise, just tell your local retailer you want a copy of Ogre. The regular edition is, if I say so myself, worth about three times what you'll pay for it, even without the three exclusive Kickstarter counter sheets.

Same question, for swag! Most of it will be available in Warehouse 23.

-- Steve Jackson

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