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May 1, 2013:
Steve's right hand has taken on a life of its own -- like a tiny automated Ogre, it just keeps doing its thing at staff meetings, breaks, event downtimes, you name it. I'm sure it even tries to run cycles during his sleep! . . . read article

May 2, 2013:
One of the advantages of living in the digital future is that the virtual ninjas of e23 are able to work behind the scenes, updating products as needed. Most recently, they worked their ninja mojo on Munchkin Thingies, adding the latest Munchkin Classes, Races, Loyalties, Accents, and Mojos -- up through Munchkin Apocalypse . . . read article

May 3, 2013:
Not long ago, Google started shipping Google Glass, their wearable net interface, to the 2,000 or so developers who signed up at their conference last year. A few months ago they did a Twitter campaign, #ifIhadglass, to choose another round of 8,000 or so beta users . . . read article

May 4, 2013:
I've been gaming for about 25 years. It follows that I have a lot of dice . . . read article

May 5, 2013:
It's not as much fun (or economically feasible) to make games if no one is playing them. Therefore, local retailers are very important to us . . . read article

May 6, 2013:
What's that tingling on the back of your neck? Is it anticipation of the latest classic GURPS release on e23 -- or a sign of something more? . . . read article

May 7, 2013:
Dino Hunt Dice is now available as an App! Play solo against a computer-controlled dinosaur opponent who will do his best to heckle you and give you bad advice . . . read article

May 8, 2013:
The 38th Origins Game Fair doesn't kick off until June 12th, but our preparations for it are already well under way. We've got a few pieces of big news for you . . . read article

May 9, 2013:
Retailers, I'll be in Anaheim, CA next week for the GTS Distribution Come and Play Day! I'll be ready with Castellan, I'll have armloads of Munchkin promos for your store, and I'll even have news on the latest wave of Zombie Dice (the games are on the way, with over 100,000 more behind the May delivery) . . . read article

May 10, 2013:
Munchkin fans may have noticed a surprise cameo on NBC's Grimm. In episode 216, "Nameless," one of our Munchkin 10th Anniversary Posters is in the background as Nick and Hank interview a potential suspect . . . read article

May 11, 2013:
Thanks, everyone, for your comments on the 2013 Report to the Stakeholders. As I start making my notes for next year's report, I have a couple of questions for all the stakeholders . . . and I've got one for my fellow publishers, too . . . read article

May 12, 2013:
Many Ogre minis are available at Warehouse 23, including boxed sets. We've also recently restocked individual minis . . . read article

May 13, 2013:
Supercavitating submarines! Magnetic sails! . . . read article

May 14, 2013:
I'm going to be attending the UK Games Expo in Birmingham from May 24-26, showing off prototypes of upcoming games (including Munchkin Pathfinder and Castellan), and may have some Secret Playtest games along for the ride. I'm also on a couple of seminars Sunday morning, so please come hear me babble about what's coming up for SJ Games and Munchkin! . . . read article

May 15, 2013:
Defend your Command Post against Steve Jackson himself, in a sneak preview of the new Ogre Designer's Edition! Steve will play simultaneously -- like a chess grandmaster -- against up to a dozen opponents . . . read article

May 16, 2013:
We'll be back in San Diego again this year -- July 18-21 -- for yet another Comic Con. Randy and I will be at the booth, running demos, talking about our games, and handing out loot . . . read article

May 17, 2013:
That's Rooster Teeth Expo for the uninitiated. This celebration of gaming and geek culture, by the makers of web series hits like Red vs . . . read article

May 18, 2013:
Steve and Daniel are heading to Dexcon for one of the biggest Ogre events of the year. And I mean that quite literally since we're talking about the Ogre Macrotures Event Dexcon is presenting on Friday July 5th . . . read article

May 19, 2013:
We always love it when the folks at Penny Arcade take an interest in the games we make. In fact they posted a very interesting article about Trophy Buck on the Penny Arcade Report that's definitely worth a read . . . read article

May 20, 2013:
You wanted vehicles upgraded with a perpetual motion machines, orgone engines, and broadcast power -- we listened! Newly released to e23, GURPS Classic: Vehicles Expansion 2 includes even more options for your GURPS Vehicles constructs . . . read article

May 21, 2013:
So . . . you could have cute li'l lawn gnomes guarding your back yard, or you could go for something meaner and tougher. Like a lawn Ogre . . . read article

May 22, 2013:
We've got some awesome new releases for your favorite games coming out in August! Don't just take my word for it . . . read article

May 23, 2013:
Phil advises me that in the next two weeks alone we will have TEN containers of games on the water. And none of that includes Ogre . . . read article

May 24, 2013:
We're proud to announce that on Thursday, the 16th of May, 2013, Steve Jackson Games Production Manager Sam Mitschke and wife Julia Mitschke welcomed their first child, Max Mitschke, into the world . . . read article

May 25, 2013:
Chip Cella of the B Team caught up with us at PAX East last March and shot this interview with me. We talk about Munchkin and some of the releases headed your way later this year . . . read article

May 26, 2013:
We've already reported on Steve's upcoming visit to Dexcon later this summer. But apparently even an entire convention won't be enough Ogre, so he's taking it on a little tour . . . read article

May 27, 2013:
We're closed today in honor of all who have given their lives in the service of our country. We'll be open again tomorrow . . . read article

May 28, 2013:
If there's one thing we know about the future, it's that there will be conflict -- quite probably with organized, well-armed folks. It's in that spirit that we salute the fighting forces of the future with Pyramid #3/55: Military Sci-Fi, the latest issue of Pyramid . . . read article

May 29, 2013:
Do you love learning about animals as much as I do? Then you need to check out the Medieval Bestiary! . . . read article

May 30, 2013:
We regret to say that Jack Vance passed away on Sunday at the age of 96. Locus wrote a lovely tribute, linked here . . . read article

May 31, 2013:
This weekend, an expected 130,000 visitors will wander the halls of the Cologne fair, where the Role Play Convention, Europe's biggest fantasy gaming related event, takes place. We are to be found at booth B-061 in Hall 5.2, together with our German friends from Pegasus . . . read article

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