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May 20, 2011: Retailers: Join Us, Get A Munchkin Poster

Happy 10th birthday, Munchkin!Many of our fans know about our Gamer Finder, where people can meet other people in their area for hours of Steve Jackson Games-y goodness. Some of you may not know that it includes a Store Finder as well, so that you can find a new store when you're traveling or have moved to a new town.

We'd like to update our database and support the retailers who support us, so on June 15, we'll send out this chainsaw-licious Munchkin anniversary poster and some other cool stuff to every store in the Store Finder. Retailers, check your listing and make sure it's current . . . and if it's not there, go ahead and add it! Gamers, if your Friendly Local Game Store doesn't appear in the Store Finder, go in and encourage them to sign up! (And make sure they save some of the SJ Games swag for you when it comes in!)

Thanks, retailers, for all that you do for us and for the hobby!

-- Andrew Hackard

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