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May 1, 2011: Cthulhu Shot Glasses And Pins

Pins! Of the Cthulhu type You may have noticed that we released Cthulhu Shot Glasses at the end of last month. This was a fun, simple project that we tackled because we thought it would be pretty cool to have the Great Elder One on shot glasses. And I guess we weren't alone in our thoughts, because we completely blew through the print run in less than two weeks. Success! Next project, right? No? There's still a demand for these? Well, you guys are in luck because we're running more . . . in a new color! And since Warehouse 23 oversold the glasses, we're running enough of the original color to fill backorders.

And while we're talking about exclusive Warehouse 23 trinkets, I'd better point out that we still have Cthulhu Pins for anyone who wants to show off their love for all things squamous and tentacled. Just don't turn your back on these pins or they may snatch your dice . . . and none of us want to lose our dice.

-- Phil Reed

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