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May 25, 2010: Andrew's Top Five

To say the 19th printing of Munchkin was "a team effort" would be to qualify for at least the semifinals of the World Understatement Olympics. However, in the forefront of the charge was Andrew Hackard, the Munchkin Czar. He's been in the thick of the process since Day One.

With that perspective in mind, here are Andrew's Top Five Changes in Munchkin 19th printing.

#5. Over the years, we've asked ourselves why we didn't make Super Munchkin work the same way Half-Breed does. That's fixed, finally.
#4. Starting with four of each card gets the game moving almost immediately. (And the optional "Listening at the Door" rule gets even more cards into play!)
#3. The rules are easier to read and better organized, and we addressed as many of the consistent areas of confusion as we could.
#2. We brought the Kneepads back -- and now they aren't game-wreckers. You're welcome.

And the number 1 change in Munchkin 19th printing is:

#1. Color cards! (Like I was going to say anything else . . .)

-- Paul Chapman

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