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May 30, 2010: Unboxing The 19th

Munchkin 19p Unboxing Video Much has been made of the 19th printing of Munchkin, and there are copies sitting on shelves for you to see right now. But what does the creative team (aka John Kovalic and Steve Jackson) think? A couple weeks ago we sat them down, gave them a copy to open up, and turned on the video camera.

Before watching, I must warn you: these guys are geeks, displaying high levels of dorkitude and nerdistic tendencies. Of course, that puts them both firmly in the "my kind of people" camp, but if you're watching from a straight-laced cubicle, you should be aware of what you're downloading.

(Oh, and who got the copy the team signs in the video? One Patrick Konshak, with his Sidekick: Psychic Sidekick card!)

-- Paul Chapman

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