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May 26, 2022: Munchkin Game Changers Is Back!


There's only so much time, money, and space in the world, so there come times when we have to leave some titles out of print for longer than we would like. One example is Munchkin Game Changers, a collection of four long out-of-print Munchkin mini-expansions and game accessories. This boxed expansion has been missing from our catalog for a few years . . . but we've changed that with a new reprint!

Munchkin Game Changers includes:

  • Fairy Dust, which gives you new cards for being nice!
  • Munchkinomicon, which gives you new cards for being nasty!
  • Monster Enhancers is full of ways to help the monsters!
  • Reloaded! is full of ways to help the players!

As a bonus, we've included the cards from Munchkin Fairy Dust Dice and two big sparkly pink dice to go with them, plus four cards formerly only available directly from Steve Jackson Games! This set also introduces new Fairy Dust and Munchkinomicon-themed level counters!

And as a Bonus bonus, we've added six Munchkin promo cards and a randomly-chosen six-sided die!

Munchkin Game Changers is available now at your favorite local game store and our online store, Warehouse 23.

-- Phil Reed

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