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May 8, 2022: Crowdfunding Focus: Fortified Manor


Kieran Billings, who is the main sculptor for our new Hexscape and Squarescape dungeon terrain sets, has launched a Kickstarter for a beautiful manor as STL files. The unique part is that you can get up to three different versions: the manor in its prime; the manor in ruins; or the manor crudely patched up to make a stronghold for bandits, possibly non-human. The bandits' patch parts fit into the ruins, letting you use the same basic prints for two versions, or intermediate levels if you attach the patches to some sections and not others. (Do the players attack the weak points, or have they been left unrepaired because there is some threat there that the bandits don't want to face?) Kieran does superb and very creative work; his new Fortified Manor Kickstarter is well worth a look.

-- Jean McGuire

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