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November 1, 2007: Back In The Saddle

Starting today, Thursday, I'm back and busily committing more Munchkin evil. And some other evil as well, but you guys keep making it very clear that you are all munchkins and want to buy the game about YOU. The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin is just barely out, and the distributors pre-ordered a LOT, and already we're hearing "Send us more!" OK, time to see if the printers can accelerate the planned second batch.

Game Day

Our regular Halloween game day was the usual hoot. I won at Ticket to Ride, which is not a trivial accomplishment given that we have some TTR sharks. I survived a round of "Oh my God, please, no, you're making a mistake, aieeeeeeeee . . .", otherwise known as Werewolf. And I learned three new games, watched several more, and was boggled by costumes. The photo is me as a demon-golem-MIB something. With luck, Paul, who was getting all kinds of good shots, will be able to share them with you tomorrow.
-- Steve Jackson

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