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November 14, 2007: Munchkin Quest Status Update

Given that Munchkin is our biggest line, we thought you'd like an update on Munchkin Quest's progress.

On the design front, the playtests continue. As each session's feedback is incorporated into the rules, the game evolves. The core framework is solid, and fun is being had -- but we're looking for "Munchkin Fun!" Mere normal "fun" is no longer sufficient.

In the "pretty pictures" section, the illustrious John Kovalic recently uploaded a batch of roomy (and monster-y) goodness. Watch for previews in a couple weeks. We're not at the beginning of the process, but we're not at the end either. We're sailing fairly calm seas and enjoying ourselves, despite not being able to see the shore we started from, nor the shores of our destination. Ooo, poetic.

Finally, in the "dry-as-dirt bean-counting" section, Phil's working on the pricing of game. This largely involves explaining and re-explaining what we want to printers, then tweaking the descriptions, then pointing out that no, we aren't willing to pay three times the normal market price for dice. It's probably the least sexy part of the process, but it's vital.

That's where Munchkin Quest stands (mostly) at the moment. As we get closer to the end of the year, we'll be releasing more previews, and letting you know about opportunities to see the game.
-- Paul Chapman

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