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November 3, 2007: The Last Of The Red Hot High-Tech Excerpts

We've got a double-sized excerpt release for GURPS fans today -- four, count 'em four, pages of sneaky-peekiness from GURPS High-Tech. What's the occasion? The book has arrived in our warehouse early, and has begun moving around the country weeks before we expected it to.

(It feels really good to be able to write that last sentence, and the credit goes to Phil Reed, for stepping up and getting this one off to the printer. Kudos!)

The books will take a few more days to be delivered to the distributors, and a few days after that for them to arrive on the shelves of your FLGS. We'll let you know when we hear of them arriving, but for the moment enjoy these previews of climbing gear, encryption, grenades, and gun skills.
-- Paul Chapman

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