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November 1, 2009: Over-Blown Fan

Munchkin Bobblehead

In the "Who really needs this?" category is James Dyson's newest invention, the Air Multiplier. In simpliest terms, it's a bladeless fan.

Does it move more air than a normal fan? Not really. Is it more energy efficient? Nope. Is it safer? Well, yes, if members of your household -- small children or production artists, for instance -- have problems sticking their fingers into whirling blades.

But is it hundreds of dollars safer? That's right, this wonder of innovation costs $300 more than the desk fan you can pick up at your local big box store. Sure, it has a certain geekiness to it, but so does a Munchkin Bobblehead. Sit one of those next to your average desk fan and you'll maintain your geek cred -- and your cool -- for a fraction of the Air Multiplier's price.

-- Paul Chapman

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