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November 16, 2009: Fifteen Years Of Daily Illumination

Fifteen years ago today, we started the Daily Illuminator to tell our online fans what we were up to on a (mostly) daily basis. It was an experiment, but it worked. It's still going strong today, which makes the Daily Illuminator one of the first blogs on the Internet! As far as we know, it's the oldest one that's still getting updated regularly. In the beginning you can see that we weren't even sure what to call it, since the term "weblog," let alone "blog," would not become widespread for years.

So, for 15 years, the DI has brought you product announcements, sneak peeks at games in development, convention reports, comings and goings of staff, general musings about the industry, and things we thought were just plain cool. So hop on over to the archives and take a stroll down memory lane, or find out what we were doing on your birthday back in the 20th century.

-- Jimmie Bragdon

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