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November 13, 2006: Welcome The Webmonkey

Say hello to the newest addition to the Steve Jackson Games staff, Fade Manley. (If the name sounds familiar, you might have run into it before at the bottom of an email from Warehouse 23, or on the cover of SPANC (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls).) Her official designation is Assistant Webmaster, but Webmonkey is probably more accurate. Stand back and watch in awe as she:

  • Updates webpages!
  • Fixes typos and broken links!
  • Responds to customer email!
  • Scampers off to do assorted tasks the Webmaster is too busy to deal with!

If a typo, broken link, or piece of outdated information on this site has been a haunting voice in your head, linger no longer, but send it off to the webmonkey today!

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