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November 14, 2004: What's In GURPS Fantasy?

GURPS Fantasy is coming to a game store near you this month. But you want to know what this compendium of the fantastic covers now!

Never fear. Now available from the GURPS Fantasy page is the Table of Contents, the Index, and the Introduction chapter, all in PDF. Check out the chapters (what's a "wug," and what's it doing on page 59?), be amazed at the "About the Author" (quick, when did he start roleplaying?), and be the first to know the credited playtesters.

Need more info? No one knows more about the book than the author, so William Stoddard will be chatting with one and all in Pyramid's auditorium on Friday, 19 November, at 7pm (Central). You can find out about the wugs, which games he started with, and where Roma Arcana came from (pages 195-232).

Pyramid is our online zine, now with more chats and sneak peeks at upcoming GURPS Fourth Edition supplements. As always, Pyramid has Ken Hite's Suppressed Transmission, weekly comics (including John Kovalic's Dork Tower and Murphy's Rules, drawn by Greg Hyland), and reviews from every area of gaming. Click here to subscribe!

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