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November 27, 2004: Ninja Burger 2!

Before too long we're going to announce a supplement to Ninja Burger - illustrated, once again, by Greg Hyland.

What I don't have, at the moment, is a funny title for the supplement. I've got some unfunny ones. You don't want to hear them. Contest time.

Mail your suggestions to me at sj@sjgames.com. Be sure that "Ninja Burger 2" is in the title of your e-mail. (If you don't do that, the miracles of spam filtering may prevent me from seeing your entry.) Feel free to include multiple suggestions in a single letter. All entries become property of SJ Games, none can be acknowledged, blah blah. If we pick a title from the contest, the first one to submit it will be credited in the product, will be invited to playtest the new cards, and will get a half-dozen free copies.

Don't make me call it "Death by Wasabi," okay?

You have one week from today. Think hard, grasshopper!
-- Steve Jackson

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