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November 14, 2019: Autoduel Computer Game To Reappear . . .

. . . after decades!

We have licensed Olde Sküül (think: Battle Chess) to recreate the original Origin Systems Autoduel game and put it on Steam. This game was beloved when it first appeared. Now it's a nostalgia thing as much as anything, but still FUN. Good game quality on 8-bit rules over boring play no matter how fancy the graphics.

(Before you ask: no, this is not an implementation of the upcoming Car Wars Sixth Edition. It's more than 30 years too early for that. This is, as close as possible, the game that OSI released in 1985!)

(Also before you ask: This is not related to inXile's filing a few years ago for the Autoduel trademark and statements that they were working on a game. That was completely without our knowledge or assent. The legal bills to protect our rights hit six figures, but the judges ruled in our favor. inXile is now a Microsoft studio and, to the best of our knowledge, not engaged in that sort of stuff any more.)

Some Q&A with Rebecca Heineman, president of Olde Sküül:

Tell us a bit about yourself and the studio!

Olde Sküül is a game studio founded by four "Old School" game developers who wanted to make games the old-fashioned way, because they are fun! I've been in the game industry since the Atari 2600 days. My first claim to fame is winning the National Atari 2600 Space Invaders tournament, and it's been downhill ever since! Some notable titles I've created are Tass Times in Tonetown, Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate and Dragon Wars.

What drew you into bringing back Autoduel?

Because in California, our street motto is the same as Car Wars: "Drive Offensively!" We can expect to see better graphics and better sounds, including a satisfying crunching sound when you take out your opponents.

When can players expect to see the game?

March 2020.

Steam, right? For what systems?

Steam, Apple, and many other platforms!

We feel privileged and honored to be entrusted with such a recognizable brand and hope to drive our super-deluxe cruiser straight through a wall and into your heart (not fatally, we hope).

-- Steve Jackson

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