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October 14, 2019: Limestone Caverns



This is a pair of 24" x 24" playmats for The Fantasy Trip (or GURPS, or any other game that uses hexagons). They represent a naturally formed underground labyrinth. Here's the neatest part: they geomorph, with the left edge of #1 fitting onto the right edge of either #1 or #2, and so on. So you can go from big, to bigger, to ludicrously big, just depending on how much table space you want to use. And it's a symmetrical geomorph, so you can flip any of the maps upside down and it still fits. Just because we could . . .

These maps were created by Ben Williams, based on a horribly crude sketch by me and the wonderful cartographic art of Dyson Logos. Here's a picture of the two maps in one of their eight different possible configurations. In the largest cavern, you'll see the 14-hex blue dragon from the Legacy Edition. Now, how does he get in and out? Clearly, magic is involved. (I suspect that it can take human form.)

The two Limestone Caverns maps will be offered as part of the Hexagram #3 Kickstarter, which launches on October 21 and closes November 1.

-- Steve Jackson

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