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November 19, 2009: Off to BGG.Con!

Today is the start of BoardGameGeek.Con, the annual gathering of gamers from BoardGameGeek.com. (If you're not familiar with the site, it's a fantastic resource for any fan of games of all types -- board, card, war, or roleplaying.)

We've got a demo team in place, showing off Zombie Dice, Cthulhu Dice, Nanuk, Revolution!, The Stars Are Right, and whatever else we can rope people into playing (like Top Secret Playtest Sets). There's also a small pile of various games that we can exchange for cash or plastic, including the first copies of Nanuk for sale anywhere.

While we will separate you from your money -- gladly! -- our primary focus is going to be teaching and playing games. If you're attending, stop by our area, and learn a new game!

Phil and SJ are also attending, but their attendance is more "vacation" than "convention appearance." In other words, they want to play games and leave the business side back in the office for a few days.

-- Paul Chapman


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