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November 23, 2003: Boxes Of Poseable Joy

Okay, so we're not exactly coming out with breaking news on the STIKFAS. Everybody's already seen them. Bought them. Played with them. Posed them in spiffy martial-arts maneuvers so they're balancing on one foot, delivering a kick, or back-flipping into action. Taken the horse and the regular human and made their own centaur. Practically old news, by this point. Who hasn't already stuck the microwave sticker on the giant robot or tested how many ways you can pose a teddy bear? Who hasn't considered that they're more fun than a barrel of monkeys and then wondered just when they'll come out with a barrel of STIKFAS monkeys?

But now we have them, so it's news to us. The long and perilous journey it took to acquire STIKFAS from the ancient and puzzling gods of toy manufacture is too fraught with terror and trauma (and tedium) to recount, but now . . . STIKFAS! Four kinds of STIKFAS! (We wanted to get more, but we only passed four of the five Deadly STIKFA Worthiness Tests, so four it is. We will all mourn the passing of poor Harold, but he really should have known that the capital of New York isn't New York.)

We have the Delta Boy Extreme, Mechana Segmented Robot, G2 Alpha Male Chinese Warrior Monk, and the super-duper deluxe set of Omega Male Armored Knight with Stallion. Get them while you can.

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