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November 25, 2003: Chilly Weather

Austin got its first real taste of winter Sunday night. But this wasn't written till sometime Monday, because I was hurriedly working to get my outside plants under cover before the freeze. The mercury fell very quickly . . . when I started working in the afternoon, it was no-shirt weather, and by the time I finished up, it was two-layers-and-gloves.

The horticultural scurrying was pleasantly interrupted by a dinner with John Kovalic, who was in town as guest of MillenniumCon. We talked about several upcoming projects and gloated over the massive goodness that is Dork Tower, shipping soon. But all too soon the margaritas were gone and it was time to get back home and back to moving plants and stretching plastic. Well, this is the price I pay for having a yard full of plants, and I think it's worth it.

All that put me a day behind on Illuminati: Crime Lords . . . but only a day, and that's being caught up tonight. The game changes a little bit every time we play, but remains similar enough to Illuminati that if you like one, you'll like the other - but different enough to be interesting.
-- Steve Jackson

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