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October 2, 2017: Triplanetary For Real This Time


It's been well over 25 years since I said "we're planning to release this in 1991." What can I say? Right after that prediction went to print, the Secret Service happened. After we were back on our feet, GURPS 4e and Munchkin happened. Other things happened. Life happened, and life plays hob with planning.

But Triplanetary remains one of the best space games ever created, and I've never stopped thinking about it. We are now shooting for a late 2017 Kickstarter and an Origins 2018 release, which means that if all goes well, there's a trip to Origins in my own future.

One of the big things I have concluded, over many years of thinking, is that this game really shouldn't be messed with very much. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that requires a new publisher to make a lot of changes in a classic. I am not sure I even want to change the look of the counters very much. The map is going to get bigger, though!

If you are a Triplanetary fan – and I know there are still some of us out there – please get in contact. I'm using the BGG.com forum as my primary feedback tool.

I have three main playtest needs:

First, I could use comments on some minor rule tweaks. In particular, I think torpedoes are too strong, and weakening them will remove some boring insta-kills from the game.

Second, those of you who like the shooting part of the game could look at an optional advanced combat system I've roughed out.

Third . . . if you have six or a dozen people around, or a convention coming up . . . try the new campaign game and tell me what you think.

-- Steve Jackson

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