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October 15, 2017: Announcing Ogre Miniatures Set 2

Your Kickstarter support for the first Ogre Miniatures set was amazing, so we're doing it again!  The Ogre Miniatures 2 campaign will launch Nov. 13, as Set 1 supporters are receiving their rewards.

This time we are skipping the stretch goals and going straight to the final number of units. We have already made the molds, and you can see the results in the photos!

The set will include:

One Ogre Mark IV (red)
One Paneuropean Fencer with extra Fencer-B turret (blue)
Supporting Paneuropean units from G.E.V. (blue):
  • 6 Superheavy Tanks
  • 4 Mobile Howitzers
  • 6 GEV-PCs with 3 infantry each (infantry are compatible with those from Set 1)
  • 12 Light Tanks
  • 12 Light GEVs

Like the first set, these are on sprues, unassembled and unpainted. Below you can see two views of the Fencer: an unpainted test shot from the mold, and Ben Williams' paint job.

We will offer the reverse set and other colors as add-ons, like last time.


Fencer Painted


Ogrezine Update

While we're on Ogre, here's a brief update on Ogrezine. It's going very well. We have a lot of material that we like, and we have promises of more first drafts soon. But we're still open for submissions of art, scenarios, or fiction, so send them to Drew.

-- Steve Jackson

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