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October 5, 2004: You Don't Look A Day Over 4,900

Pyramid Magazine, the award-winning online publication devoted to the best in gaming, published its 5,000th article this week.

And what's going on this week in Pyramid? Why, no less than the last semi-final round of our third Iron Ref competition! In Iron Ref, we pit three competitors against each other, each representing a specific genre. Our mysterious Iron Ref benefactor (who bears a curious resemblance to Kenneth Hite) comes up with three mysterious ingredients -- plot elements that need to be utilized. A harried 24 hours later, our compactors emerge, each with a 2,500-word adventure.

Our three competitors and their genres are:

Greg Porter


Time Travel

Aaron Rosenberg



Owen K.C. Stephens



And the secret ingredients are . . . well, that would be telling.

This week we've also got Part Two of Kenneth Hite's meaty Suppressed Transmission about Route 66, another installment of John Kovalic's Dork Tower, and more!

If you're a Pyramid subscriber, head on over now and check out this week's issue. Remember that your votes will help determine who shall emerge as the Iron Ref. And if you're not a subscriber already, subscribe today and see what we've been doing for our first 5,000 articles!

-- Steven Marsh, Editor of Pyramid Magazine

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