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October 16, 2004: UltraCorps!

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to an online game named UltraCorps. It had been running on MSN's Zone, but by the time I started playing, it had been dropped. The development house that owned the game allowed a few employees to keep running it on a limited basis from their offices, for free, in hopes someone would be interested in relaunching it.

Someone was.

Steve Jackson Games has bought all rights to UltraCorps and will be relaunching the game soon, first as an open beta and then as a full-featured pay-to-play project. Details of the schedule will be announced as we figure them out!

I bought this game because I really liked it. It's challenging and fun. It was ahead of its time and ahead of its market, but we're going to give it a good home, and I think a lot of our fans will like UltraCorps as much as I did.
-- Steve Jackson

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