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October 5, 2016: Ogre Sixth Edition Rolling Out In 2017

Ogre Sixth Edition

Many of you may remember Ogre Designer's Edition (and subsequent humongous box and extras). Well, if that was too much of a monster for you, or your shelf, we have a new version of Ogre to quench your thirst for future combat and tank blasting.

Ogre Sixth Edition is a full future-combat experience, with components in the style and scale of the Designer's Edition, in a box that will go with any game collection. It includes constructible minis for the Ogre and command post, tons of unit counters, mounted maps, dice, and even map overlays to make each game unique. All of that fits snugly in the plastic Garage tray. The Ogres are in slightly different colors from previous versions, but overall, the content is very similar. You don't need both, but if you're a completist, you may still like having it.

This is a perfect entry point for any aspiring wargamer, or for someone who wants to upgrade from their old Ogre to the new edition. And who knows, maybe there will be later expansions for Sixth Edition, adding units and maps . . . 

Ogre Sixth Edition will be available in January at your friendly local game store.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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