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October 7, 2016: Introducing The SJ Games Spotlight

As a savvy reader of the Daily Illuminator, you probably know all the ways of keeping up with SJ Games: here, Munchkin NewsTwitter, FacebookInstagram, or even Medium – the list goes on. You follow us there already (and if you don't, you should).

Well, now you have one more way to keep up with news, releases, and other goings on with your favorite games. We give you the Steve Jackson Games Spotlight, a monthly newsletter highlighting new and upcoming releases, as well as contests, promotions, and other fun stuff.

SJ Games Spotlight

We wanted a way to get news to fans directly, and there's no better way than putting it in your inbox each month. Simply complete the survey to sign up, and we'll deliver your first issue on October 15. Our first feature highlights #PlayMunchkin, an exclusive Munchkin Sleeves offer, and some amazing releases coming out later this year, ready to preorder at your friendly local game store.

Stay on the cutting edge of SJ Games information – sign up for the Spotlight today!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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