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October 11, 2008: Pre-Release Munchkin Quest Charity Auction

Munchkin Quest -- the Munchkin boardgame.

Child's Play -- Penny Arcade's charity, providing geek toys and video game consoles to kids in hospitals.

eBay -- wait, you probably know this one already.

Put 'em all together, and you get the Pre-Release Munchkin Quest Charity Auction. Yes, you have a chance to get your hands on Munchkin Quest even before it hits our warehouse, and make a contribution to a very good cause.

If you miss this auction, MQ will be in stores in mid-November or thereabouts. If you're looking for more Child's Play auctions with a Munchkin flavor, a pair of Chibithulhu Plush, signed by both the PA creators, will be available for bidding at their annual Charity Dinner Auction. Look for tickets and more information on their site next month.
-- Paul Chapman

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