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October 24, 2017: Munchkin Booty Just Keeps On Bootin'

Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition

The great thing about the pirate theme is that it never gets old. Every kid goes through the phase of "I wanna be a fearsome pirate." Some of us revert to that stage every September 19 for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Jack Sparrow, I blame you, though it was happening long before you came along.

At any rate, Munchkin had to get a pirate game - and in 2008, it did.

Lots of accumulated booty (arrr) later, it seemed time for a bigger ship. So we've reissued Munchkin Booty in the deluxe Guest Artist Edition format, with illustrations by Tom Siddell (Gunnerkrigg Court). I really enjoyed working on the original Booty project; it's one of my favorites to play . . . and not just because I get to talk like a pirate. I thought at the time that I was getting every single stupid nautical joke out of my system. As it turned out, not really . . . we did an expansion, Jump the Shark (2009), and then a mini-expansion, Fish & Ships (2010).

Will there be more? It might be time, and I won't pretend we haven't talked about it. Booty is still very popular, and the bad ideas keep cropping up and we keep writing them down. Arrrr.

-- Steve Jackson

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