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October 25, 2021: Car Wars Sixth Edition Pre-Orders Closing Soon


So that we can manage inventory and not overwhelm the Warehouse 23 team, we're closing Car Wars Sixth Edition pre-orders on Monday, November 8, 2021. We'll reopen for orders in the future, but for now we have some other Car Wars Sixth Edition plans in the works and want to make sure that we're not burying the warehouse crew with too many fulfillment tasks all at once.

If you've not yet pre-ordered Car Wars Sixth Edition, or if you have already received the game and want to add a few more expansions and accessories to your collection, please visit Warehouse 23 to find all of the currently-available releases for the newest edition of the game of vroom and boom.

For those of you asking: "When will I be able to buy the game at my favorite local game store?" We do not yet have a distribution release date for the game. It is important to note that when we do offer the game to our distribution partners that not all of the titles will be included in that release. At the moment, only the blue/green and red/yellow two-player sets, as well as the four different miniatures sets, are planned for distribution release. All of the other expansions – including the Dropped Weapons, Linked Weapons, and Armory Pack – are direct-sales items. Retailers, please email retailers@sjgames.com if you wish to set up a direct account so that you may add these expansions to your shelves.

-- Phil Reed

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