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October 27, 2017: Munchkin Starfinder Has Launched On Kickstarter!

Munchkin Starfinder

Continuing our successful partnership with Paizo that began with Munchkin Pathfinder, SJ Games is proud to present Munchkin Starfinder!

This stand-alone game contains 168 cards, Pact – I mean packed – with characters, monsters, and loot from the hot new Starfinder RPG. Not only is this the first space-themed Munchkin game since Star Munchkin, it's full of firsts for us. We've crammed a whopping seven Classes and six Races into the core game; more than any previous single Munchkin game! Munchkin Starfinder also features the art of Howard Tayler, in his first full Munchkin game. Known for the Schlock Mercenary webcomic and Planet Mercenary RPG, Howard has drawn a few guest cards for other Munchkin sets, but will take the spotlight during this project. 

The game includes Ships to fly, as well as the Swarm, a growing mass of enemies and one of the big baddies of the Starfinder universe! Look for even more monsters and treasure in the 56-card expansion. Plus, if you can't get enough Starfinder, we have a ton of accessories and more expansions you can unlock via stretch goals! We've already unlocked add-ons for a Star Field board, Kill-O-Meter, and Hero Pack, with more on the way if we hit further stretch goals!

We expect to get the game to backers in May 2018, and will be hitting store shelves a few months after. This is a shorter campaign, lasting only 10 days, back it soon, before it leaves orbit!


-- Hunter Shelburne

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