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September 2, 2018: The Fantasy Trip Update

The Kickstarter project closed last month with more than 3,000 backers and over $300,000 in support, with every stretch goal unlocked and the final Legacy Edition box so overloaded that we've expanded its size and upgraded the materials in its construction (which was a stretch goal). We're now at work preparing the final files – to release as PDFs to the project supporters next month – while assembling our plans for the game in 2019.

  • At the moment, both the Melee and Wizard games are complete and ready for final in-house review.
  • The Legacy Edition components, including the In the Labyrinth book, are moving along. We have the megahexes almost finished, the two character-pad designs are ready to go, and everything is coming together as planned and on schedule. Go, team!
  • The playmats, both illustrated by Dyson Logos, are colored and ready for print!
  • The Companion is moving slowly, but it is being printed at a separate location that means it doesn't have to go to print until December, so no concerns there.

In addition to wrapping up the Kickstarter commitments, we're also at work on our 2019 plans for The Fantasy Trip, including new adventures and two possible Kickstarter projects. The five PDF adventures, planned for release between November and the Legacy Edition shipping to backers in March, continue to move forward on schedule. And naturally, we're discussing possible in-store support for the game. The details aren't finalized at the moment for many of the 2019 projects, but we do plan to support The Fantasy Trip in a big way next year. Get ready for lots of adventure and fun!

-- Phil Reed

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