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September 6, 2017: Back To Skool

Munchkin Spell Skool

It's already that time again, when the ravening hordes . . . I mean, children, head back to school for another year. Summer has been a nice long break, but now they need to stock up on school supplies. 

While you're buying supplies at Walgreens, don't forget something fun and educational. Something like Munchkin Spell Skool. Sure, we misspelled the word "school," but that was an artistic choice. This game teaches kids not to be a Bully or a Rapscallion. It educates on the value of extracurricular activities, such as Chess Club and Potion Club. Learn about safety with a Fire Drill

Also, you fight Moldy Mort with magic wands. Okay, so it's not 100% educational, but it's 110% fun. (Some argue that that isn't a real percentage, but my public education says it is.) 

Enroll at Munchkin Spell Skool today, at Walgreens. The tuition is quite affordable - especially if you win one from us on social media. Check out our Facebook page for your chance to join a club and win a signed copy of Munchkin Spell Skool. Think of it as a scholarship! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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