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September 7, 2017: Conspiracy Theory Q&A With Steve Jackson, September 14

Conspiracy Theory

I've been roaming message boards trying to find proof, and I've finally found what I need to confirm that Conspiracy Theory is coming to Kickstarter. I've even found evidence on the SJ Games Facebook page of a public playtest at Gen Con! It's shocking how openly these degenerates operate. The creator, Steve Jackson, can be seen laughing and having a good time with this so-called "party game," in which players complete their own conspiracy theories, trying to make the funniest theory . . . or maybe the one that's most believable.  

According to my extensive documentation, Conspiracy Theory is coming to Kickstarter on Wednesday, September 13. Designer Steve Jackson will be taking part in another public display, on Facebook Live, next Thursday, September 14, to answer questions about the game. Share your questions on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #SJGamesLive, and we'll pick the best ones to answer on air! Like our Facebook page to get alerted when we go live, for your chance to grill the true mastermind behind it all.

Join me in exposing the truth behind this game of shadowy enterprise and subterfuge in our live stream next Thursday.

And keep an eye on Conspiracy Theory . . . because it's keeping any eye on you. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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