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September 17, 2003: December Releases

Steve Jackson Games has announced the following products for release in December, 2003:

The Awful Green Things From Outer Space (Reprint)

Monsters Everywhere!

The crew of the exploration ship Znutar just wanted to cruise around the Galaxy, discovering strange new worlds and playing pool. But then their ship was invaded by the Awful Green Things . . . and suddenly they were fighting for their lives!

In this wacky two-player game, one player controls the Awful Green Things. They grow and multiply every turn... especially if they can gobble up a crew member! The other player commands the crew, frantically trying weapon after weapon (pool sticks, fire extinguishers, cans of Zgwortz) in hope of finding something that kills the monsters.

This great game was created by Tom Wham. It first appeared in Dragon Magazine, and was later released as a boxed game from TSR. When they let it go out of print, SJ Games picked it up! This edition includes Tom's "Outside the Znutar" rules and counters, for going out the airlocks and fighting on the surface of the ship.

Boxed, with full-color map, rulebook, die-cut counters, and five GREEN dice! Stock #1335, ISBN 1-55634-094-X. $19.95.

Illuminati: Crime Lords
Rival mobs battle for control of the city. Take over the rackets, rake in the dough, and rub out the opposition. It's the American dream.

You'll start with a few gangsters and some cash. Recruit more crooks and take control of income-producing operations like bordellos, chop shops, and loan sharks. The police and the Feds are after you, but your biggest threats are your fellow mob bosses. Scheme, negotiate, backstab. You can share a victory, but it's much more satisfying to say "There can be only one Boss. And it's me." Illuminati: Crime Lords is based on the Illuminati system. It's not a supplement, but a separate stand-alone game created by Steve Jackson.

Boxed game with 112 cards, rules, die-cut money and status counters, and dice. Stock #1375, ISBN 1-55634-720-0. $34.95.

The tiny Snits have been persecuted for ages by the huge Bolotomi. Then, one day, inspiration strikes! A few brave Snits run inside a Bolotomus, and attack from within. It's the Snits' Revenge!

The Snits attack by kicking the snot out of the Bolotomus' internal organs. Will they smash enough to cause system failure . . . or will they get lucky and find the Spark of Life . . . before they are overwhelmed by their huge foe's internal defenses?

This wacky classic was one of Tom Wham's very first games. Now it's back . . . along with the prequel, Snit Smashing, which previously appeared only in magazine form and has been unfindable for almost two decades. Snit Smashing explains why the Snits are so upset. They just want to run back and forth, to and from the ocean, reproducing. The Bolotomi smash them for fun (hey, it's boring on that beach). No wonder the Snits want revenge . . .

Two insane little Tom Wham games in one box. Under $20. Truly, life is good . . .

Rules, die-cut counters, a two-sided full-color map, and five dice in a 6" x 9" box. Stock #1421, ISBN 1-55634-548-8. $19.95.

Cardboard Heroes Castles: The Keep
Put a castle in your backpack!

Cardboard Heroes Castles are great-looking 3-D structures that fold up for play, and fold down again for travel and storage! They're heavy cardstock, but they're die-cut and pre-scored to make them easy to build, and they're designed to fold and unfold without damage.

This set can be used by itself to create either a castle with enclosed courtyard or a massive towered keep. Or use it as an expansion to the Walls and Towers set. The more sets you add, the bigger your castle gets . . .

Cardboard Heroes Castles are full-color (of course), gorgeous, and totally portable. When the game's over, just fold 'em up and go!

16 die-cut cardboard pages plus instructions. Stock #2151, ISBN 1-55634-698-0. $24.95.

From small-town crisis units to the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, from the urban sprawl of Berlin to the mountainous wilds of Idaho, GURPS SWAT covers the dangerous world of tactical police operations. Serve a warrant on a dangerous meth lab, protect a judge whose life is threatened, rescue hostages from international terrorists, or take down a barricaded suspect before he kills again! Establish perimeters and begin hostage negotiations. Perform a stealth entry if you can, or blow down the door in a swift dynamic assault!

GURPS SWAT includes realistic information on skills, tactics, weapons and equipment, as well as several real-world police tactical teams, from the original LAPD SWAT to federal and international agency units.

64 pages. Stock #6064, ISBN 1-55634-721-9. $13.95.

GURPS WWII: All the King's Men
Winston Churchill promised the British forces would "never give up, never surrender." Now you can fight as one of His Majesty's own in GURPS WWII: All the King's Men! Watch as the storm clouds gather over Europe in the late '30s . . . and an unprepared England declares war against Germany in its fighting prime. Experience the fear and heroism of Dunkirk, the sweltering seesaw of Africa, and the final triumphs of the Anglo-American campaigns as a battered British Empire pulls victory from the jaws of darkest defeat!

All the King's Men has the same level of background and color found in GURPS WWII: Iron Cross for German combatants and GURPS WWII: Dogfaces for American troops. It describes soldiers from all around the British Empire, the way they were recruited, trained, and sent to war, the men who led them, and the battles they won and lost.

Also included are a cross-section of British weapons and equipment -- from the very good to the very bad, from sidearms to the battleship King George V -- and a host of campaign and adventure ideas for GMs.

So, keep your chin up and get your boys in the thick of it -- sharpish!

128 pages. Stock #8009, ISBN 1-55634-640-9. $22.95.

Murphy's Rules (Reprint)
Ever since the days of the old Space Gamer, and now in Pyramid, one thing strikes fear into the hearts (and laughter into the twisted minds) of publishers everywhere. Some game rules are good, some are bad, and some are Murphy's! This is the cartoon feature that takes those rules and skewers them, bleeding, for everyone to mock. (Us? Attitude? It's all right; we pick on our own stuff too.) The strip has featured a great roster of artists over the years, including multiple-Origins-Award-winner John Kovalic and Pulitzer Prize winner Ben Sargent!

The first time we published a Murphy's compilation was in 1988. This book includes everything from that edition, and all the Murphys that came out in the next ten years . . . and more!

80 pages. Stock #9006, ISBN 1-55634-363-9. $17.95.

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