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September 29, 2003: Something Positive Comes To Warehouse 23

Warehouse 23, the Internet retail store at Steve Jackson Games, is proud to announce that it will be the official online store for Something Positive, the popular webcomic created by Randy Milholland. S*P joins Issaries, Atlas Games, Citizen Games, Dork Storm Press, Fiery Dragon, and The Painters’ Guild in choosing Warehouse 23 to handle its retail presence on the Web.

Something Positive is an adult webcomic chronicling the lives of a completely dysfunctional, but occasionally likeable, group which Randy freely admits is closely based on his own family and friends. Amazingly, they have let him live . . . so far.

The first Warehouse 23 releases will be a pair of T-shirts, one featuring the main characters and one with Choo-Choo Bear. If you don't know who Choo-Choo is, you should go read the strip, assuming you are over 18 and have a strong grip on your sanity and self-esteem. They are expected to be available before the end of October, just in time for all you people who are too cheap to buy costumes.

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