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September 24, 2008: Munchkin Quest Is On The Boat

The first 1,104 copies of Munchkin Quest have been loaded into a container with a couple thousand copies each of Star Munchkin and Munchkin Cthulhu. But those are just the start; the bulk of the MQ print run will take up two full shipping containers.

Assuming no major storms in the Pacific, and no surprise delays in customs Stateside, all the copies will arrive at our warehouse before Halloween. After that, the shipping department will be working overtime to get all the orders filled, and make sure your Friendly Local Game Store has copies on the shelf before Thanksgiving.

If you're lucky enough to be attending Speil Essen, we'll have advance copies for sale there.

Remember: Munchkin Quest will make a great gift . . . for the family or, in true munchkin fashion, to yourself!

-- Paul Chapman

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