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September 17, 2008: Booty For "Talk Like A Pirate Day"

In honor of the upcoming release of Munchkin Booty, we are proud to celebrate with a special Talk Like A Pirate Day rule. During "Talk Like A Pirate Day," any player may choose to start any game of Munchkin as a Pirate. Here's the card (click through to the larger, printable version). 

This class may be lost normally, but anything that causes it to be discarded just makes it go PFFT - your virtual Pirate card does not go into the discards.

Because any real munchkin would insist on the most liberal interpretation possible of when TLAP Day is, this rule goes into effect the instant after midnight, Greenwich Mean Time on September 19, and lasts until midnight (2400 hours) in the GMT+23 time zone. As long as it is TLAP Day anywhere, this rule is in effect.

The lucky munchkins who bought an advance copy of Munchkin Booty at GenCon (or those who game with them) may take advantage of an even better rule, which has two parts:

(1) During TLAP Day, as described above, you get +1 in all combats for each item of pirate regalia (clothing, pins, hoop earrings, parrots, fake parrots, etc.) you are wearing. The maximum bonus for this regalia is +3. T-shirts referring to piracy, and ANY clothing items bearing a skull and crossbones, also count as regalia.

(2) If you e-mail a photograph of yourself in your pirate finery, holding or touching a Munchkin Booty box, and give us permission to post it with your name, you may claim this bonus ALL YEAR . . . from the beginning of TLAP Day 2008 to the beginning of TLAP Day 2009. That's right . . . up to a +3 combat bonus in every combat, in every game you play. Only those pictures we actually post will qualify for the bonus; you will be able to confirm the bonus to your jealous friends by visiting that page and showing them your name and piratey image. We reserve the right not to post any photo we receive, for any reason . . . so try to keep it Safe For Work. We also reserve the right to REALLY LIKE a photo, and keep a copy in our Unsuitable Munchkin Ideas file, even if we feel it's not suitable to post, so be warned. Arrrrr.

(3) This rule IS open to employees and MIBs of SJ Games, if they qualify by sending an appropriate photo. You think we're going to rule ourselves OUT? No way.

Send pictures to webmaster@sjgames.com. The photos we get will be posted at www.sjgames.com/munchkin/munchkinbooty/piratepix2008. We will close this page to new entries on September 30 . . . Munchkin Booty will be at your friendly local game store in early October.

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