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September 25, 2017: Munchkin Holiday Grab Box Kickstarter Ends at Noon Today!

Munchkin Holiday Grab Bag

Jingle bells, Net Trolls smell, a duck laid an egg. But don't pick up the duck.

We're singing Christmas carols in September because today is the last day to back the Munchkin Holiday Grab Box on Kickstarter! These boxes are loaded with loot, including a brand new Munchkin Bookmark, and the 12 Bonuses of Munchkin Christmas; a bunch of new rules to use during your next game. The regular Grab Box contains $100 of Munchkin swag for only $60. But if you want an even bigger haul-iday, we have the Santa-Sized box, which holds $200 of stuff, for only $120! If you're feeling more adventurous, you can get both for $175, and maximize your holiday cheer. 

The items are a mystery, but expect a lot of Munchkin expansions, boosters, accessories, and some holiday items to boot, like Munchkin Christmas Lite. And since we're delivering before Christmas, you'll have a load of gifts for your favorite munchkins! You can also check out our trading forum if you want to swap some items you already own.

So get a sleighful of Munchkin stuff now, before the campaign closes today at noon, CDT. We're making our list and checking it twice!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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