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September 26, 2003: Calling Programmers!

We're looking for someone to write a GURPS computer utility for us. It will be of comparable complexity to our existing software, GURPS Character Builder and GURPS Vehicle Builder. Extensive experience with software development and the GURPS rules is mandatory. At a bare minimum, the software should run on Windows 9x and subsequent versions, but we will look very fondly at a résumé that includes significant cross-platform skills.

(What, exactly, is it? That Would Be Telling.)

Interested programmers should e-mail a résumé to Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor, andrew@sjgames.com. We prefer ASCII résumés pasted into e-mail, but can read most popular word processor formats. (Do not just title your résumé "resume.doc" or similar, or Andrew will trash it unread! It needs to have your name so he can find it later.)

Serious inquiries only, please. This is a call for a professional, not a fan looking for a unique way to "break in." As with our other professional projects, we'll pay an advance on signing, against a royalty on sales.
-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

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