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April 5, 2018: Warehouse 23: Your Last-Chance Shop!

If you haven't been to Warehouse 23 in a while, you may not realize that in addition to a lot of game expansions and accessories that were always exclusive to our online store, we also have some games that are out of stock in our distribution chain (or very, very close to it). Most of these won't be coming back when they're gone, so do some last-chance shopping now!

For Munchkin fans, this is your chance to grab a mini-expansion such as Tricky Treats, The Guild, Easter Eggs, or the Star Munchkin Cosmic Demo. If pirates are more your thing, check out Munchkin Booty 2 – Jump the Shark. Or you can pick up full games, such as Munchkin Sketch Edition or Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition.

If your Munchkin collection is already full, then complete your GURPS collection with Fantasy, Zombies, or Tactical Shooting; go autoduelling with Car Wars Arenas 2; or grab Nanuk and Frag Gold Edition FTW. You can also pick up a Score Pad or Brain Case to make your already awesome Zombie Dice game even more awesome.

Of course, Warehouse 23 doesn't deal just in hard-to-find, low-stock merchandise; we carry a full line of our in-print games and, of course, lots of exclusive stuff as well. If you haven't browsed the catalog yet, give yourself half an hour to poke around. I bet you'll find a few things you didn't know you needed.

-- Andrew Hackard

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